Elevated, Insect-Free Pet Food & Water Bowl

*PATENTED* (#11,026,398)

*ENDORSED* (by Veterinary Surgeon)

~Eliminates ants/insects from getting in food bowl!~

~Cuts out expensive insect sprays!~

~Helps with joint & neck strains!~

~Reduces air swallowing & vomiting!~

~Non-skid & Spill-proof means a cleaner feeding area!~

BEST Bowls for Your Favorite Furry Friend!

Uniquely Designed for Owners and Pets in Mind!

It's NOT "just another" feeder!

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Bottom Water Bowl - serves water AND as a natural water barrier to prevent ants/insects from entering the food bowl

Top Food Bowl - unique design prevents
food from falling into the water, keeping water clean

Top Food Bowl - elevated placement allows pets
to feed in a natural position, reduces the amount of air your pets
swallows, prevents vomiting, improves digestion, prevents joint & neck strain

Turns 3 directions to maximize wall space and feeding area

Non-toxic, non-allergenic, food grade material makes it SAFE for your pets

Indoor & outdoor use

Machine washable, lightweight, and easy to clean

Anti-skid bottom prevents spillage & won't scratch your floors

Easy to assemble and disassemble