Client Testimonies


Pedro R: "Layla and Luke, my dogs,  enjoy and love the Animoat. They play and eat around the product. It’s not only a feeding and a water bowl for them but, also a new gasket. I really recommend this product it is awesome. I have a lot of insects so I would have to buy special sweet food so they would eat. Now I can give them any type of food and have no insects!"
Maria L: "Your product is built well and very sturdy.  It's evident that the materials used were expensive. Our cat is using & enjoying the Animoat Feeder."

Joe S: "Oscar is an old dog that can learn new tricks!  He took to Animoat right away! We don't have to worry about him running out of water when we are not home. We used to feed Oscar only when he was ready to eat because the ants would come out of nowhere.  Now with Animoat, it's so much easier as Oscar can eat when he is hungry.  Thank you Animoat!"

"Scott S: "The quality of the Animoat is so much more that I ever expected. It's an absolute hit with our cat, Daniel. He loves the Animoat so much! Best pet dish ever!"


Mandy H: "So happy I got this @animoatpetfeeder bowl for Christmas - I absolutely love it!"







Ernest B:  "The entire kitten litter shares the Animoat - and they even like to play in/around it"
Jim B:  "Frankie loves her key lime pie color Animoat because it's ant-free/bug-free.  And I love it cuz she loves it. Animoat fixed our prior ant & insect problem!"