Collection: WHITE Elevated, Insect-Free Pet Food & Water Bowl

Color: WHITE

  • Pet Types:  Cats & Dogs (small to medium sizes)
  • Bottom Water Bowl: serves water AND as a water barrier to prevent ants/insects from entering the top food bowl
  • Top Food Bowl: elevated placement prevents joint & neck strain, allows natural feeding position, reduces the amount of air your pets swallow, improves digestion, prevents vomiting. Curved high wall+depth to prevent food falling into water. Turns in 3 directions to maximize wall space 
  • Food Bowl Size: 5.8in X 6.1in (Holds 4 cups of food)
  • Water Bowl Size: 14.4in X 3.8in X 8.4in (Holds 8 cups of water)
  • Total Weight:  1.5 lbs
  • Material:  Polypropylene & Silicone (SAFE, lead-free, non-toxic, non-allergenic)
  • 2 Embossings on Product:  Logo &  Brand Name "Animoat Feeder"
  • Anti-skid rubber feet prevents spillage & floor scratching
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble
  • Lightweight & easy to clean
  • Machine washable